Saturday, May 10, 2014

Herky and Soccer

The kids had a fun little playdate with the boys that live behind us, Griffin and Bennet. They brought their powerwheel over and the kids raced and "tailgated".

They're too funny! This week we started Herky hunting. Herky is the mascot of the University of Iowa and this summer the Iowa City area is having Herky on Parade. There are 83 statutes all over the area, all with different themes. We are going to try to find all of them. This week we found America Needs Farmers Herky,
Herky of the Corn,
and Ragbrai Herky.
We also had another week of soccer. Casen is playing on a team with his preschool buddies Miles and Boston.

Rilyn had a music performance at school.

It was so fun to watch them sing and dance. After the music performance the boys and I dropped Cody off at the hospital for his eyes fixed.
Goodbye glasses!We finished out the week with a birthday party where the boys had a blast on the bounce house and a BBQ for Medical Partners.

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