Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Rilyn

So Rilyn lost another tooth this weekend. This time she and her buddies Owen and Bennet were playing downstairs and she got bonked with a block. Next thing I know she is running upstairs to show me her tooth that got knocked out.
Luckily she was laughing. The boys were a little afraid of getting in trouble but alls well that ends well. The boys and I made our first trip to the beach this week.

The water is still a little chilly but it was fun. Rilyn's birthday was on Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa came out to help us celebrate. They got Rilyn her American Girl doll, who she loves, and Uncle Cody got her tons of clothes and this cool backpack to hold her doll.
Grandma and Grandpa B got her a bed for her doll so now she is all equipped and ready to go. We had a huge Luau for Rilyn and all of her classmates. It was such a fun party!

We had a huge waterballoon fight and a photobooth. Happy 7th birthday Princess!

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