Saturday, January 25, 2014

crazy boys

This week the baby boys were sick and spent most of the day cuddling with mommy.
Pretty soon they are going to be way to big for me to hold both of them at once. And poor Brooks on top of being sick had his first tooth break through. We had another super cold week here.
(this is Casen keeping warm by the fire) Iowa is cold! We have been in the negatives...a lot! My friends and neighbors keep promising that this winter is very unusually cold. It's so cold that Cody has lost his mind and went out to get the mail in his hawkeye pants and my knee high boots.
It was like a car wreck, horrible but you can't look away. Have to share a couple of pictures to make you smile. Rilyn's dance costume came in.
Isn't she beautiful!?! And Casen left the Greek yogurt out where Brigg could get ahold of it and he made quite the mess.
I'm still trying to get yogurt out of the cracks in the floor and finding it on my table. Look at that smile though. It was worth it!

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