Saturday, January 11, 2014

2 Kids in Primary

This was Casen's first week in primary. He was not too sure about this whole primary business. He had to sit on his teachers lap all through sharing time and then we had to make a deal that I would stay in the hallway outside of his class so that he would stay in his classroom.
It was fun. Right now I'm feeling like getting to actually listen to church is never going to happen. This week was also Cody and My 9th anniversary and he, of course, had to work. I waited for him to come home so we could eat dinner together since we never get to do that.
(this picture is from 2004 when we were dating) Rilyn and Casen were a little jealous of all the treats I made for dessert, don't worry I shared. Cody had a day off this week and we all headed to the museum, again.

The twins are both now officially walking as of this week. CRAZY! (Here is a video of Brooks walking) Brooks is a little better at getting around than Brigg is but they are both all over the place. Every time one of them takes a step Rilyn and Casen get so excited. The start cheering and yelling "Hes Walking!"

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