Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy birthday Daddy and Happy first birthday Brigg and Brooks!

Sunday was Cody's birthday and the poor guy had the stomach flu. We tried to make it a special day for him anyways.

The kids decorated gift bags and put his presents in them. Rilyn helped me make his favorite cake and we made shish kabobs for dinner. He was a trooper for putting up with us being excited about his day. This week also happened to be spring break. Since Cody was still recovering from his stomach bug and the boys picked up a nasty cold we mainly just staid home. We went to Costco one day (I know big time right) and Casen picked out my favorite cookies and said that he really needed the seashell cookies. Boy after my own heart.

 We also had some serious cleaning going on.
I told the kids I would take them for ice cream if they would help me clean. Rilyn was a HUGE help and dusted the baseboards and she and Casen cleaned the basement up while Brigg and Brooks worked on the upstairs. Speaking of Brigg and Brooks their birthday was on Friday. Oh my goodness! How did this happen?!? How are my babies 1 already?!? I'm not sure I'm ready for my babies to grow up. For their birthday we didn't do anything too exciting because all 3 boys had colds. We opened presents when they first woke up and Rilyn and Casen took over.
We spent most of the day trying to convince them that they should share with Brigg and Brooks since they were their toys! I tried to take some birthday pictures but the boys didn't last long.

Brigg started removing the flags from the wagon and Brooks cried when I wouldn't let him get down. (Brigg is in the front of the wagon and he is the first 2 pictures by himself, Brooks is in the back of the wagon and is the 3rd and 4th picture) Oh and taking a picture of them when they're not trapped is not going to happen because they run away from you. Crazy boys. I made them each a little cake to eat and a bigger one for the rest of us.

Brooks was all about the frosting. He even dug in while we were singing Happy Birthday. Brigg was a little more timid when it came to digging in until Rilyn stuck his hand in the actual cake. It then took him less than 10 minutes to eat more than half of it. Brooks wasn't as into the cake and just stuck with eating the frosting off. They were super messy by then end of it all. (Just incase Brigg is sitting next to Rilyn and Brooks is next to Casen) We sure love our big boys!

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