Saturday, February 8, 2014


Casen is such a nice big brother. He is nice enough to help his baby brothers up the stairs when mom is trying to get stuff done upstairs.
Funny story about. Casen, this week I was downstairs feeding the babies when he came down with yogurt, a spoon, and a napkin. Usually the kids are not allowed to have any food downstairs so I asked what he was doing. He said he was having a snack so I reminded him of our no food rule to which he responds "but I brought a napkin"! Silly boy.
Rilyns class celebrated their 100th day of school. She loves her teachers and her friends.
Rilyn also decided that running on the treadmill is awesome.
Good way to burn off energy while we're all stuck inside. The twins are getting big. I finally got pictures of their teeth. Brooks has 2 and Brigg has 1.

They also got to play in whipped cream and loved it!
And I restocked my baby food cabinet. Want to see about a months worth of food for twins? Scary huh?

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